Full Concert


Get to the gig.

Cold calling and building a network takes time.
Knowing the best venues/audiences for your art is challenging and takes time researching.
Contracts can be confusing and complicated.

In Concert
On the Phone

It's annoying spending your time cold calling when you could be practicing. You feel like time is wasted trying to track down new gigs instead of working on your art. You end up feeling exhausted and spread thin.

Fist Pound

We have spent years building our network of relationships. We've helped execute hundreds of contracts, and our roster draws traffic from all over the Midwest. We're set to find you gigs were you fit, for the pay you deserve.

"Teri Hammond of Top Talent has become a good personal friend to me over the course of our 3.5 year business partnership.  My favorite thing about this company is knowing that Teri truly is invested in my success and has my best interest in mind."

- Corey Evitts

"As a creative person, it's so so nice to have loyal professionals on your team who work hard to manage the business side so that you can focus on your craft. Teri, Josh, and Derek have helped me get paid for what I love doing on a consistent basis, and I couldn't be more excited to continue working with them and seeing us all grow as a community!"

- Zach Elfrink