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Managing your career or business is complicated. When you’re an independent artist, entrepreneur, or small business, you may start strong, but then things slow down. Maybe you hit road blocks you didn’t expect. Now you’re not sure what your next step should be.

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It can be overwhelming trying to manage all the different elements of your business in addition to operating your business. You end up feeling like you’re always behind schedule and playing catch-up. 

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Whether you’re just getting started or planning for your next step, you can leverage our decades of experience for your gain. 

We help you set clear, SMART goals and measure your progress on them. 

“During our journey to start 20 North Pacific, we got a lot of ‘advice’ and ‘suggestions’ from all types of people and organizations. Most people didn’t even understand our vision and were just entertaining us for the sake of ‘consulting’. We were completely lost at one point. Most of that advice didn’t help until we connected with Josh Lynn at Top Talent. He sat us down, listened to our concerns and helped us understand our pain points and how to alleviate them. During our initial consultation, we created an actionable plan to actually open our art gallery. We can honestly say that 20 North Pacific is the gallery that it is because of Top Talent. The support is continuous, as they come to every event, like every post, and check-in regularly to see how they can help. Preciate you homies!"

- Paris & Jae Newson